My New Gadget – Pine64

Here is how I did to install the OS (using MacOS)

  1. Download image from or
  2. Format your Micro SD card using Disk Utility.
  3. Launch terminal and list the available disk using diskutil command as below (we going to use disk2 base on the identifier):
  4. Unmount the disk.

  5. Unzip the downloaded image and burn the img file into disk.

  6. Upon burning successfull, you will see the message as below:
  7. Eject the disk if it still mounted.

    p/s: For Windows user, you may format using Disk Management tool under [Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools\Computer Management], and burn img file using Win32DiskImager. And if you feel the writing speed is too slow in MacOS, you may try using rdisk instead of disk, as they using different write mechanism.

    UPDATED : Just found this handy GUI tool to burn image.

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Tap on the app icon, the news feed does not refresh as usual…

After Google Reader, this is second time “giant” kill my favorite apps for “reasons”. I feel upset as ordinary user, wonder how about mates who created Paper.


Reset Epson L210 Counter / Ink Out Error

Received the used printer from brother.

As usual, “free + old” stuff normally doesn’t works well without some tweak …. phew….. here we go.

First, fixed “Service required” which mentioned printer counter exceed (can’t recall the exact message)

Download the Epson adjustment program here and follow instruction here.

Second, fixed “Ink out error”

Follow instruction here to reset ink level.

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Disable WebView Application Being Pull Up and Down

I’ve created a hybrid app using Cordova, and notice I’m able to pull the header down and footer up, which lead to weird behaviour when using the app (at least I feel so).

Normal View

normal view

Pull Up

pull up

pull down

pull down

Adding single line of configuration in config.xml solve the issue. (pheeew… spend couple of hours to research this)


Test Driven Development

Just finished Test-Driven Java Development (but will take longer time to digest), and  notice there are few tools/framework worth to share.

Test Driven Development Framework

Unit Test Code Coverage Mocking
JUnit JaCoCo (Java Code Coverage)) Mockito
TestNG EasyMock
Hamcrest PowerMock

Behavior Driven Development Framework

Web Testing
RESTful API Testing
Selenide REST Assured

Overall this is quite a good book if you practice TDD, as it include bunch of  hands on tutorial. Personally I think practicing TDD is good if we have solid requirement (or at least not changing every few days), else we will waste a lot of time just to maintain unit test for immature requirement 🙂


Mobile Ate The World

Very insightful presentation.

Mobile Is Eating the World (2016) from a16z

Watch Titanic Sinks in Real Time


Yet Another Cleaner Way To Construct CSV String in Java

Accidentally found this util class while reading an ebook, and think it worth sharing since myself always found this a tedious code especially prefix and suffix the string.

We used to construct CSV string as below:

With new StringJoiner util in Java 1.8, we can do it in a cleaner way.

The constructor also allow us to prefix and suffix the string.



IntelliJ Darcula For Netbeans

WOW…. finally it come as Netbeans plugin after long awaited. I can now get rid of my own Darcula customisation.

Thank you all contributors who make this happen.

darcula darcula2darcula3



When [The Mermaid] Not Just Comedy


Yet another long-awaited comedy by Stephen Chow.
Not surprise, it hit on top of box office record in China, and good comments widespread across different media.
This movie delivered more than just comedy. It humorously depicts human egoism who treat all creature as nothing but we can monetize.

But have we ever think of, we are just part the world, and we are not suppose to treat all living creature are here for us. They have their own life, they play the role as important as us to make the world a better place to stay.

Classic dialog I like the most from the movie:

如果世界上连一滴干净的水,一口干净的空气都没有,挣再多的钱又有什么意义。~The Mermaid~