Continuous Deployment to Kubernetes with Dynamic Jenkins Slave and Docker

Fasten your safety belt, and departing …..

1. Create a pipeline job.
2. Setup your SCM and build from Jenkinsfile (sample provided below).

Jenkins slave is docker, and we will use it to build our docker images, which means we will need to have a docker engine inside Jenkins slave docker (a.k.a docker in docker). Since I’m not able to make use of ready made docker image available @ docker hub as my jenkins slave (I need jdk, maven, kubectl… too as my jenkins slave) , so I created my own based on jenkins/jnlp-slave image.
To achieve DoD, we map the docker.sock from the host to our container (‘dockersock’ in k8s-jnlp-slave.yml).

3. Install plugins as below:
4.Create jenkins kubernetes plugin by adding new entry.

5. Fill in configuration according to your kubernetes cluster or use your kube config file by adding credential as highlighted below:

6. Regardless you configure manually or using your customize kube config file, you need to test the connection.
7. Build your job and you should see a new node created and start building.
Source available @ github.

Credits to authors and websites below:




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