When [The Mermaid] Not Just Comedy


Yet another long-awaited comedy by Stephen Chow.
Not surprise, it hit on top of box office record in China, and good comments widespread across different media.
This movie delivered more than just comedy. It humorously depicts human egoism who treat all creature as nothing but we can monetize.

But have we ever think of, we are just part the world, and we are not suppose to treat all living creature are here for us. They have their own life, they play the role as important as us to make the world a better place to stay.

Classic dialog I like the most from the movie:

如果世界上连一滴干净的水,一口干净的空气都没有,挣再多的钱又有什么意义。~The Mermaid~

My Plant – Little Harmony (小和谐)

It used to be healthy like this…

And when it’s thirsty, it switch to standby mode…

When it’s super thirsty, it switch to hibernate mode… And… no one take action after long time hibernate, it tend to switch to shutdown mode 🙁

After intensive therapy treatment, it seems ok now, and I see hope 🙂


Promising Cloud Storage

The idea behind storj is simple yet very promising.

We can now enjoy cheaper cloud storage, at the same time make some penny from our idle disk space. Actually if we notice consumer technology trend, consumer now days enjoy making penny by using technology with minimize effort. Uber, Airbnb are very successful use cases.

Hmm.. I foresee we can also sell our idle cpu computation power in the near future 🙂