Business Hour Format

I’m creating a form which allow user to key in multiple days of week with multiple operation hours.

I want the format to save as below, but I found it tedious to reformat for displaying using normal javascript. Look into lodash and found it very handy 🙂

  {"day":"Mo","hour":{"from":"10am", "to":"2pm"}},
  {"day":"Mo","hour":{"from":"3pm", "to":"9pm"}},
  {"day":"Th","hour":{"from":"10am", "to":"2pm"}},
  {"day":"Th","hour":{"from":"3pm", "to":"9pm"}},
  {"day":"We","hour":{"from":"10am", "to":"2pm"}},
  {"day":"We","hour":{"from":"4pm", "to":"10pm"}},

Format to display:

Mo, Th, We : 10am-2pm
Mo, Th : 3pm-9pm
We : 4pm-10pm

Plunker here





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