Memory card being lock after firmware upgrade for my nokia E-71

When the time I happily restart my phone after upgrade my Nokia phone firmware to the latest version this morning, the bad mood comes to me. My phone asking me to enter password when I insert my memory card which I removed before upgrading process take in place.
I Enter “1111”… “Incorrect password”, then I continue to try those common password like “1234”, “0000”…. “Incorrect password” AGAIN!!!

“Suckssss”… ALL MY DATA GONE!!! my message…, my video…, my image…, my files…, my applications… Ooooooooo Nooooooooooo….
I was so frustrated after all these happy mood turn to sad, so, I google around for any solution from others which might help 🙁

try .. try.. and try…

Huh.. not so bad, finally there is a post from Nokia forum asking to try enter the the “Remote lock message” for the phone which normally happen to be under menu: Tools | Settings | Security | Phone and SIM | Allow remote lock menu. Then the password of the memory card will be the remote lock message.

I tried enter “xxxxxxxx” ……
Bravo !!! it works for me 🙂 thanks to all the article contributors, you guys save my life 🙂

Note : Since memory card password is restricted to only 8 digits, the first 8 digit from remote lock message is assigned for memory card. For example if Remote card message is : “locknokia71” then your password for memory card will be “locknoki”




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