NetBeans 6 java.lang.ClassCastException

Wow, Netbeans6 IDE is finally out! After download here.. installed, happily run the cool IDE with newly added features…. opps….. exception occur as :

java.lang.ClassCastException: org.openide.filesystems.MultiFileObject$VoidValue cannot be cast to java.lang.Stringat

After playing around with those settings file located at home directory as .netbeans folder, I found that, when user trying to import setting from their previous settings created by older version of Netbeans will hit such error (I use Netbeans 5.5) in their first run.

Okie, here come with solution:

  1. Delete folder created/imported when first run in %HOMEDIR%/.netbeans/6.0.
  2. Run Netbeans again, then choose not to import settings created by previous version of Netbeans

p/s : I don’t know why this senario happen in Netbeans6, as I just try out this, if you know why or have better way to solve this, please help to comment here.




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