OpenShift EX288 Remote Exam Preparation

Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Application Development exam is hand on lab session, so you will need to complete assignments based on the requirements and bring the expected output, so be familiarize yourself with CLI tools such as: podman, oc, git, skopeo and basic Linux command etc…
Offline Product Documentation for OpenShift Container Platform documentation provided during the exam for your reference, so try to familiarize yourself with the document section arrangement, in case you need to find some quick info.

e.g. Create an application called “hello-app” in project named “my-first-project” based on source hosted @ https://<SRC_URL>.git. The application should be accessible via

For those are preparing for remote exam:

Before Exam:

  1. Create a remote exam bootable live USB, as the exam session run using this OS.
  2. Try to boot the live USB after step 1, run the compatibility check to ensure you meet the requirement.
  3. External camera with at least 1m cable long is mandatory, external keyboard & mouse are allow with desktop or laptop with lid close (using external monitor) during exam.
  4. Bookmark Live Chat, in case any hiccup happen during exam, so you can contact the support for assistance.

During Exam

  1. You need to ssh into another environment for all your exam work.
  2. Complete lab session assignment.

Good Luck !







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