Tomcat Connector – Apache

Here with the steps :

  1. Get general version mod_jk here or Linux version mod_jk here then rename it as mod_jk.dll(Windows) or and put it into {Apache_Home}modules. (eg: C:ApacheGroupApache2modulesmod_jk.dll) ** NOTE: (Download proper version to meet your need, in this case, I use Apache 1.3* & Tomcat 4.1*)
  2. Get here , and change the path for tomcat_home and java_home in the beggining of file. Then put it into {tomcat_home}confjk (
  3. Edit httpd.conf which located in Apache conf directory. Get example here and refer the setting part at line Setting mod_jk Connector“. (The simplest way is copy and paste the whole setting and paste into you httpd.conf, Don’t forget to change the path to point to the correct directory in your machine)
  4. Verify examples at http://localhost:8080/examples/, to make sure Tomcat is running.
  5. Verify examples at http://localhost/examples/, on success, the connection is done successfully.

Click here for another quick start.

Click here for full configuration doc




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