Websphere Auto Deployment with Websphere Rapid Deployment

After my post Netbeans with Websphere, I found there is an easier way to deploy/update your application by just drooping your ear or war or ejb (not tried yet) file into a pre-set directory, and that’t it. Websphere will do the rest for you.

Here we go :

1. Open command prompt / terminal, and locate your path to <WAS_INSTALL_DIR>/runtime/profiles/bin
2. Execute set WORKSPACE=C:autoDeploy (prior create folder)
3. Execute WRD-config.bat -project “project_name” -style “autoappinstall”
4. WRD configuration launch, and you need to input required field. (as image below).wrd-config
5. Workbench shutting down when WRD done it’s configuration.
6. Execute wrd.bat to start wrd.
7. You can drop your application ear/war/etc into C:autoDeploy<project_name>, and enjoy !Resource from : ibm info center





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