Websphere With Netbeans

After using eclipse for couple of months due to the reason it has websphere plugin which easier for publishing  code changes, I come back to netbeans as I feel I still love it. After hours of googling, I can’t really find an one stop setup, and decided to pen down here for sharing.

  1. Deploy your application war/ear via web console. eg : http://localhost:9060/ibm/console
  2. Find out where is the location after application deployed. eg :<WAS_INSTALL_DIR>/runtime/profiles/installapps/<NODES>/<YOUR_APP>
  3. Create an ant script for copying the compiled src or jsp to target found as step 2 above.

        <property name="source.web" value="C:/work/TestApp/target/TestApp">
        <property name="target.web" value="C:/IBM/SDP/runtimes/base_v7/profiles/was70profile1/installedApps/Node01Cell/TestEAR.ear/TestWeb.war">
        <property name="service.lib" value="C:/work/TestApp/Service/target/Service.jar">    
        <property name="target.lib" value="C:/IBM/SDP/runtimes/base_v7/profiles/was70profile1/installedApps/Node01Cell/TestEAR.ear/lib">
        <target name="Publish Web Module">
            <copy todir="${target.web}">
                <fileset dir="${source.web}">
                    <exclude name="META-INF/">
                    <exclude name="WEB-INF/lib/">
        <target name="Publish Library">
            <copy flatten="true" todir="${target.lib}">
                    <file file="${service.lib}">
  4. Enable debug mode in Websphere (follow steps 1..2..3), then restart server.
    websphere debug
  5. Try on your netbeans (follow steps 1..2..3..4)
    netbeans debug
  6. Enjoy and let me know if I miss out anything 😉

P/S : I have attached the ant script which I use to restart server and publish the changes, you may change accordingly to suite your need. Click here to download




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