Create Custom Facebook Fan Page Web Address Without 25 Fans

Facebook will allow us to change our fan page username only once after we create, and we will need at least 25 likes to reset the username subsequently.

So what if you have already used up the first chance, and you don’t have 25 fans yet to change the new username?

Here is the tricks which you can by pass it:

1. Create new facebook account, then create a new fan page from the new account.

2. Goto to create your new fan page username.
3. Goto Page Settings –> Page Roles then specify an email address (your real facebook login email) to be the page admin, then click Save to apply.

4. And you will see this.

5. You will receive an email as below after few second, just confirm and proceed to login if needed.

6. All set, you can now start managing the new fan page with new username. Follow step here to delete your temporary facebook account if you no longer using it, since this temporary account is also an admin for the fan page, so people who login using this account will be able to delete the fan page 🙂