Downgrade iOS Firmware

  1. Download version of restore file here.
  2. Goto Windows –> Run, type in “notepad C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts”, it brings up host file (Google yourself for how to edit hosts file for Mac user).
  3. Goto last line of file and add in “”.
  4. Switch off your iPhone/iPod.
  5. Press the Home button and connect your device to PC, the devices boots up and “Connect To iTunes” screen displayed.
  6. Launch iTunes, and you will see it detected your devices in recovery/restore mode, press the “Shift” key (For Windows) or Alt key (for Mac) on keyboard while click on “Restore” button in iTunes (This will open a windows browser).
  7. Browse to your restore file (iPodxxxxx_Restore.ipsw) and click Restore.